Communication Team

led by Jillian Strimel Schneider

This team promotes effective communication within the Church by exploring and implementing communication tools and creating a culture of information and inclusion so that all members can fully participate in the life and ministry of the Church. 

Communication is the foundation of team collaboration, from communicating plans internally to our church community to engaging our online audience, the Communications Team plays an important role in staying connected, especially during a time that can feel so isolating.

We are our Faith motto, Connecting with Christ, Connecting with You.

Members of our Communications Team manage responsibilities including but not limited to: social media posting, monitoring, and engaging, platform management, Realm, Web (site) design, updates and engagements, FB Live/streaming, hardware, software, technical (IT), team collaboration, outreach and much more.

Members & Subdivisions:
Jillian Strimel Schneider (team leader) 

John Davidson (Head of Technical)
John Milne
John Plenik 
Bill Stewart 

Lily Hefner (Website cohead)
Arwen Hefner

Jason Hefner (Worship/Staff)
Linda Webster(Worship/Staff)
Meg Steele (Clerk)
Nancy Tilley (Former FB admin)
Danielle Humphreys (Deacon liaison)
Scott Willyerd (Communication/professional)
Sally Johnston (musical)